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Fresh Roasted Coffee

Fresh roasted coffee beans are richer and more flavorful than that stuff you get from the grocery store. Our Feather River Drive Decaffeinated is a Swiss Water Processed Honduran bean at a light French roast. It makes a wonderful pot of coffee and pulls a great shot. You won’t believe you’re drinking decaf!

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The Anglican Office Book

The new Anglican Office Book contains the entire Divine Office, in the prism of the classical Prayer Book tradition. Together with a Bible, it provides a complete source for the recitation of the Daily Office. It’s designed to be used by clerics and laymen alike.

The Anglican Office book brings to the American Church material from pre-Reformation service books, and continues the alignment of English liturgical spirituality of Fr. Hartzell and the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. It is meant as a revival of the traditional catholic vision of Anglicanism—an English liturgy embodying classical Anglicanism with the heritage of the Mediaeval Church.

Along with hours of the Office, the Little Hours are provided to enable a fuller cycle of prayer than the two Cranmerian offices afford. Supplementary historical texts include: various litanies and prayers from the American, Canadian, and Scottish Prayer Books, as well as votive Offices of the Dead and of Our Lady. In selecting hymns and antiphons used to augment the Offices, texts from the Sarum use, and material from the Dominican and Gallican rites are prioritized as best examples of the “northern Catholicism” the English Church inherited.

We sincerely hope this small book is helpful in an authentic liturgical renewal consistent with the practices of our English ancestors in the Faith.