The Anglican Office Book Endorsements.

Father Hartzell’s splendid office book has long been out of print.  It is good to have it available new once more.  For those Anglican clergy who are obliged to say the Prayer Book Offices, and for the many laymen who have found the classical Anglican office the best foundation for a structured prayer life, an office book that incorporates the Prayer Book forms and the Coverdale Psalter is necessary.  

But as metrical hymnals and the Anglican Missal add material to the plain Prayer Book Eucharist, so it also is desirable to have an office book that adds hymns, antiphons, and invitatories to the Prayer Book’s simplicity.  In this present book, I believe, we have the best balance of an essential Prayer Book core with an enriched body of variable, seasonal, and festal material.  This volume and a copy of the Authorized Version of the Bible are all that you will need for Morning and Evening Prayer.

+ The Most Rev. Dr. Mark Haverland, ArchbishopThe Anglican Catholic Church

In an age of liturgical innovation, the question that often is not asked is, “which books and translations were used by Catholic Christians generations before I picked up a Prayer Book”?  For many of us, the discovery of those books has always been like discovering “the Pearl of Great Price”. However, upon finding such a “pearl,” how can one recommend it to others if it is no longer available?  Moreover, if one discovered the existence, historically,  of such a “pearl,” how does its existence help others today?

Mr. Lance Davis has stepped forward and proven that that which is old can be made new, in terms of being available.  Fr. Martin Thornton, in his book Christian Proficiency, tells us that there are those faithful Catholic Christians who simply need more, as it relates to the Spiritual Life.  The recitation of the Daily Office is at the center of the Spiritual Life, but Fr. Hartzell’s Prayer Book Office—appropriately styled The Anglican Office Book—provides for the Christian Proficient those elements of the historic Divine Office which enrich the Office for those who pray daily with the Church as she seeks union with God in prayer.

+ The Rt. Rev. Dr. Keith L. Ackerman, VIII Bishop of QuincyThe Anglican Church in North America