About Store Products

The Wax Works and Candle Shop at St. Andrew’s

The candles from St. Andrew’s are all hand-poured and hand-dipped by students, monks and nuns, and other staff.  They are 100% Beeswax and though some products have color, most are either natural beeswax or ivory colored (from a process of extreme straining).

The candles burn clean and bright and are long lasting.  They are crafted with an absolute commitment to quality and beauty, and we believe will contribute true beauty to worship services and homes alike. Remember, the candles are crafted by hand, in the “old world” method. We do not use machines. This means a remarkable amount of control over our product and also causes slight variation in the end product, giving our candles that “hand made” quality and character.

We regularly produce many of the standard sizes of candles used liturgically.  We also have a handful of sizes and shapes most often used at home.  We have, however, built many types of candles to fit particular candle sticks.  As mentioned above, please call for custom work.

We Offer Custom Work

Custom work is always available. Please call (+1 (530) 596-3343) or contact us to set up an account or to order custom work.

Who & What the Store Supports

Purchases from the St. Andrew’s Store directly support St. Andrew’s Academy, a ministry of St. Andrew’s Church.

The Academy’s motto is Oratio, Studium, Labor—Prayer, Study, Work.

The mission of St. Andrew’s Academy is to equip our students with the tools of learning and to endow them with the wisdom of the ages so that they may serve God and their fellow man with virtue and strength.

St. Andrew’s Academy is a day & boarding school in the mountains of Northern California.  It is the only boarding school within the Anglican Church in North America.  It’s choir is well known and travels extensively, singing all over the country and world.