100% Beeswax

Our 100% beeswax candles literally clean the air as they burn. Our pillars are not scented by any additive. Rather, they will fill the air with with the faint aroma of beeswax, like warm honey.

0 thoughts on “100% Beeswax

  1. Hello,
    I am looking for a large quantity of classic (straight) 3 wicks Taper Candles (color creme, not white).
    Do you have this product in stock ? Do you sell only in the UK ?
    It’s for a movie projet in France.

    Thank you

  2. I love to use Paschal Candles from St. Andrew’s Almanor because buying them supports the great work they do at the school.  Secondly, I love using them because they burn great, and produce a big, beautiful flame which leaves no doubt as to whether the light of Christ is among us!

    Fr. John Longero
    St. Andrew Orthodox Church, Western Rite Vicariate