For the Home

Whether to commemorate the season with our Home Advent Set, or to enjoy gracing your home with pillars, votives and tapers, our 100% beeswax candles offer the warmth and beauty that only they can. And, they burn an exceptionally long time.

0 thoughts on “For the Home

  1. Hello,
    I am looking for a large quantity of classic (straight) 3 wicks Taper Candles (color creme, not white).
    Do you have this product in stock ? Do you sell only in the UK ?
    It’s for a movie projet in France.

    Thank you

  2. I love to use Paschal Candles from St. Andrew’s Almanor because buying them supports the great work they do at the school.  Secondly, I love using them because they burn great, and produce a big, beautiful flame which leaves no doubt as to whether the light of Christ is among us!

    Fr. John Longero
    St. Andrew Orthodox Church, Western Rite Vicariate