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Paschal Candle

Paschal Candle

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Our 100% Beeswax Paschal Candles are unlike anything else available.  It is practically impossible to get 100% beeswax Paschal Candles anywhere other than St. Andrew's Wax Works. Ours have a clean and consistent burn, with an unmissable light. The flame on the wick quite often reaches 3 to 4 inches. Followers are usually a must—and we know exactly which type will work with this candle—we can add the follower to the order (at cost) if this is a first time order—just add a note in your order regarding a follower.

For custom sized paschal candles, please call St. Andrew's.  We can accommodate most variations.

Each Candle is hand-poured and finished according to customer's order upon receipt of order and payment.  Please allow time for construction and shipping of candle.  Please order early!

Order Paschal Candle Nails Here.

Deadline for ordering Paschal Candle's is March 8

Because of the Volume of orders already placed, Paschal Candles cannot be ordered online at this time. Please call or email to inquire if the shop has the time to make your Paschal Candle.

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